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January 22, 2022


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this is really good, I remember growing up in the 70s but I wasn't part of the 70s growing up. I was busy with chuch activities and finding myself in Christ. I a way I feel I missed a lot that others were experiencing but in another I found my Lord and Saviour. If that sounds religeous, it is because that was what my 70s were all about. I think I was seen as the odd ball. I think if I had a choice to do all over again I would do the same but also go to dances and get togethers and definately my prom. I missed my prom.


Sounds like a pretty rewarding time for you, Jacquie. Being yourself and walking your own path is so important - wish I'd been able to master that earlier. Kudos to you! And I say, grab Jake and do your own prom night now. :)

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