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July 16, 2016


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shirley Alexander

Michael is so blessed to have a mother who can identify with some of what he is going through in his teen years. God knew who to entrust this fine young man to to raise from infancy to his teens and on to adulthood. A wonderful letter full of understanding and love. God Bless you both every day.


Shirley, there is no doubt that God has blessed me with Michael. And I wouldn't have any clue how to be his mother without amazing role models like my mom and you. ❤️

Dawn Calder

Wow Margot! You have no idea how much of an inspiration you actually are... I really appreciate your honesty and that I'm not alone, being a non-sheep. I was not part of the in-crowd either. I found the attitudes hard to swallow and liked other people, for their individuality.

Even today being sensitive and not agreeing, with all the bigotted crap. Sorry but that's the only word that fits. I still don't fit with the rest of the crowd. I am at the point, where I no longer care, what they think.

I feel bad for our children and what they have to deal with, at school and beyond. All we can do is give them the basics and love them.


I feel like we might be soul sisters, Dawn. :)

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